CILMAR endorsement for Global Inclusion


Many folks are now coming to the interstitial space between the intercultural/global and DEI/SJ realms – a move that we celebrate and support -but the members of this team have been living in that space for decades, building the bridges that make the current work at that intersection now possible, both theoretically and practically. CILMAR values the advanced level professional development opportunities that Amer, Bert, and Joel are providing, and sends our own team members to this team for training whenever possible.

                                                                          – Annette Benson

What our former participants say
Caryn Lindsay Founder and Lead Consultant, LifeStories Matter LLC.

“I feel empowered to more strongly advocate for marginalized individuals and groups.”

Jo Thomas Academic Development Manager, Huddersfield Business School.

“From start to finish the course was inspiring and extremely motivating. It was great to have the opportunity to work with different people and the size of our cohort meant we worked with everyone. It was amazing to learn from such knowledgeable colleagues.”

Valli Murphy

“Bridging DEIBSJ with IC is Important work - the fields are siloed and this course and the learnings - including the Global Inclusion Praxis model - will be profoundly relevant in this endeavor. My work requires me to build strong intellectual AND behavioral foundations within myself so that the bridge I build is strong to support the work I must do''.

Nedra Sandiford Administrative Director, Dickinson in Spain.

The facilitators did an excellent job in guiding our learning, enacting the core of the GIPM - the focus on empathy, on building community and on calling people in.

Riikka Salonen Independent Consultant

This program had a well-designed and appropriately paced instructional design that was engaging for all learning styles. The sessions were interactive, lecturettes were interesting and multimedia was used effectively to engage learners.

    Our first cohort of practitioners in the Global Inclusion Certification Course